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Jet Boat - Hydro Attack Queenstown


Latest Questions about Jet Boat - Hydro Attack (Queenstown)

Hey is there two seats in there like can you sit in there as a couple

Thanks Evana


Hi. So with the Hydro Attack Queenstown, it will be one passenger and one member of staff in each maching. However, if you are travelling as a couple, we can arrange for there to be two machines out at the same time so you can be both be having amazing fun together!

Comment by: ETG on 4th Aug 20 at 13:09

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I'm interested in this ride but have a question.
You say no handheld cameras.
How about a chest mounted GoPro?
I look forward to your reply as I'm keen to book



Yes, you can take chest mounted or head mounted camera equipment on board the Hydro Attack in Queenstown.  The main thing is that you need to ensure your hands are free at all times to hold on tight!

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Alex Roberts) on 15th Jan 16 at 08:27

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