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Bungy & Jet Boat Combo Queenstown


Latest Questions about Bungy & Jet Boat Combo (Queenstown)

When booking the combo can the activities be done on different days?


Hi Kim, yes, your activities can be spread across different days. When making your booking, just put in the additional info on which day you would like to do each activity and we will arrange this for you. 

Comment by: Siobhan on 17th Apr 19 at 07:39

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I will have a car, so where do i go at the beginning of the day before all of this starts?


Hi Mike. You will need to meet in central Queenstown as the transfers to and from the Shotover Jet and Nevis bungy are included in the price. The Nevis bungy is located on private land about 40 minutes drive from town so you are not able to drive there yourself.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 17th Dec 14 at 14:45

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Hi. I want to book 1 Bungy/Jet Boat Combo and 1 Bungy Spectator/Jet Boat Combo for 17 Dec.
Can you tell me if this can be done on-line and what the cost would be. Thanks


Hi Deb. Yes you can certainly do this. You just need to book 1 person on the Bungy & Jetboat Combo for either the morning or afternoon on the 17th December.

And then the other person on the Nevis Bungy as a spectator and on the Shotover Jet separately.

Just be sure to write in the 'additional information' field in the Booking form that you want to do the bungy/bungy spectator and Shotover Jet together and I will arrange this for you. Please also note the name of the other person. The cost for the Bungy & Jetboat combo is $385, the cost for the bungy spectator is $50 and $129 for the Shotover Jet so the overall cost will be $564.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 11th Dec 14 at 12:17

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Similar to a previous question... After doing the shotover jet with me, can my girlfriend come and watch me Nevis bungy? Is there any cost? Should I book for her?


Hi mate. Yes she can certainly come along and watch you do the bungy. She will just need to book in as a spectator on the Nevis bungy for $50 which means she can go the Nevis bungy site and even go out in the jump pod is she likes.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 1st Jul 12 at 11:33

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does this still operate during winter? (June - July)


Hi Tenille. Yes the Nevis Bungy and Shotover Jet combo does operate in Queenstown all year. Winter's are cold in Queenstown but there is very little rain and plenty of clear sky days with snow capped peaks so it's a great time to do both as long as you are wearing warm clothes.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Nigel) on 2nd May 12 at 14:27

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can i book this and go on the jet with friends who don't have a combo deal? i'm the only one keen on a Bungy.


Hi Ashwin. Yes you sure can. If you want to do the Bungy & Jet Boat Combo and your friends want to just do the Shotover Jet in Queenstown then we can organise for you to all be on the Shotover Jet together. Just ask your friends to mention in the 'additional information' field when they are booking their Shotover Jet that they wish to travel with Ashwin who is doing the bungy & jet boat combo. If you book the 8.30am combo then ask your friends to book the 9am Shotover Jet.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 26th Mar 12 at 19:11

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