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Bungy Jumping in Auckland

Bungy Jumping

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  • Displaying 5 results

Fly high above the bustling city of Auckland on a bungy jump experience from Everything New Zealand. On these trips, you will witness the city from a bird’s eye view, taking in the majestic harbour and soaring skyline from impressive heights. Find out more about our tour options and book your bungy jump adventure with the experts at Everything New Zealand today.

Bungy jumping in Auckland is quite unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Choose between leaping from the Sky Tower, the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere, or catapulting from the Auckland Harbour Bridge. If you’re a real adrenaline enthusiast, you can even combine both! Have a look at the tour details below to determine which experience is right for you.

Observe the City from Atop Auckland’s World-Famous Sky Tower
Located in the centre of Auckland, the Sky Tower hovers over New Zealand’s largest city, standing at an intimidating 192 metres tall. Are you brave enough to make your way to the top and bungy jump back down?

If you’re up to the challenge, you have to check out the SkyJump experience while you’re visiting the City of Sails. On this gravity-defying bungy jump, you will ascend to the top of the Sky Tower, where you will be delighted by mesmerising views of Auckland city beneath you, while the waters of the harbour glimmer nearby.

Glance down once more before you take the plunge, which lasts a heart-stopping 11 seconds and will have you zooming back towards earth at speeds of 85kph. With the world around you still coming back into view, you will slow down before landing back on the ground at Sky City, where your friends and family will be waiting to greet you and hear about your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The SkyJump is one of the most popular tourist activities in New Zealand, and it operates all year long, with hourly departures. Once you’ve completed your jump, your ticket will allow you to head back up to the Observation Level of the Sky Tower to absorb the glorious Auckland landscape.

If the bungy jump isn’t enough to satisfy your craving for heights, you can also add the SkyWalk to your itinerary with the combined SkyJump and SkyWalk package. This combo includes your jump, as well as a walk around the Sky Tower pergola, which is nestled high above Auckland city at a height of 192 metres.

After you’ve strapped into an overheard harness, you’ll need to navigate your way along the 1.2 metre-wide walkway without any railings or handholds to assist you. If you’re extra courageous, you can even try hanging over the edge as the cable from your harness keeps you tethered to the structure.

This popular tour combo is a unique way to admire the fascinating city of Auckland from a perspective that not many people get to see. Don’t miss your opportunity to bungy jump in the middle of one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Leap from Bridge to Ocean on the Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump
Perhaps you would prefer to complete your bungy jump over a stunning body of water, rather than above the city sidewalks. In that case, you might consider the Auckland Bridge Bungy from AJ Hackett, the original bungy professionals.

As the world’s first harbour bridge bungy jump, this trip is an essential part of the Auckland tourist experience. The Auckland Harbour Bridge holds a special place in the hearts of locals and those who have visited the City of Sails. Opened in 1959, the bridge hovers elegantly over the Waitemata Harbour and is an iconic Auckland landmark.

To start your voyage, your tour leader will take you on an exclusive bridge walk to access the launch platform, called the ‘bungy pod.’ Take this time to marvel at the city buildings and the pleasant waters of the harbour around you.

Once you’ve arrived at the pod, the experienced staff will get you strapped in and ready to launch. From there, you will take to the open air and careen 40 metres downwards toward the vast sea beneath you.

Just before you reach the water’s surface, the rope will pull you back up, and you can exhale in relief. Or you can choose to complete one of AJ Hackett’s famous “Water Touch” bungy jumps, where you will dunk your head in the ocean beneath you.

This trip has five daily departures from scenic Westhaven Marina. Friends and family can watch your brave jump from a stairwell located near the bungy pod.

Add an additional layer of excitement to this already thrilling excursion by bundling it with a bridge climb. On the Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb and Bungy Jump combo, you will enjoy a guided walk to the top of the bridge, where you will observe Auckland from an unparalleled perspective.

This 90-minute expedition is the only bridge climb in New Zealand, and the stunning panoramic views certainly won’t let you down. Your climb will take you high above the cars traversing the bridge beneath your feet, as well as the bungy jumpers taking off from the pod.

As with the bridge bungy jumps, the climb includes return transfers from the Sky Tower, or you can choose to meet your group at Westhaven Marina. You’ll also receive a free t-shirt to commemorate your amazing feats.

Each of these bungy jump Auckland experiences offers a unique look at this breathtaking city. As a result, some people prefer to participate in all four of these trips by purchasing the AJ Hackett Auckland Combos. This all-encompassing tour includes all of the magnificent excursions listed above (SkyJump, SkyWalk, Bridge Bungy Jump, and Bridge Climb). It’s a great way to bundle and save on the most sought-after activities in Auckland.

All of these fantastic tour options (and more) are available to book through Everything New Zealand. Explore our complete listing of trips and begin planning your dream holiday today.


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