Bungy - All 3 AJ Hackett Bungys Queenstown

Bungy - All 3 AJ Hackett Bungys
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Queenstown Bungy Thrillogy

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Amazing experience and would recommend doing all three. While settle with one?

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Easy purchase and confirmation

Reviewed 14-Dec-2017

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Easy website to use. Booked more whilst in NZ and the correspondence with the staff was AMAZING!!!! Back and forth answers all my questions!!! 10/10

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The bridge was a stunning view.. the driver from the bridge to the Nevis was Hilarious!!! Told lots of stories was only a new member I believe... all staff were super nice getting me ready for each jump

Reviewed 12-May-2017

Service rating:

It's awesome website guys n 100% trusted one...

Reviewed 08-May-2017

Service rating:

Outstanding customer service at all the sited

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Had a wonderful time with family staff very professional attentive and engaging just added value to the whole experience

Reviewed 15-Jul-2016

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they were very flexible and everything ran smoothly!

Reviewed 10-Jul-2013

Everything Travel Group Review

If you've done a bungy before or just know that one jump will not be enough then this package will definitely save you money. The 3 jump sites are completely different and offer unique challenges to those that brave them.

Suggestions: If you one of you doesn't want to do all 3 jumps then you can simply book the jumps you want individually and then choose the spectator option for the others so you can go along and watch your partner jump. Jumps can be done over several days if you desire.

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Reviewed 13 Jan 2012 by Everything Travel Group (Callum)

Latest Questions about Bungy - All 3 AJ Hackett Bungys (Queenstown)

Heya , I am trying to book 3 in 1 bungy for when I will be in NZ on Tuesday 8 August 2023 however the website is not allowing me to do this. Please advise.


Hiya Thanks so much for your question regarding the Bungy - All 3 AJ Hackett Bungy's, unfortunately, is not possible to do all three bungy jumps as the ledge bungy is currently closed, they are looking to bring this back in due course but at this stage, there are no opening dates set. We have an amazing alternative to this which is the Nevis Thrillogy - Bungy, Swing and Catapult. This covers all 3 of the Nevis Playground activities and is an epic day out of action and adrenaline.

Comment by: Everything New Zealand on 26th Jul 23 at 18:07

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I paid for a jump as a gift for my brother Ben. The money came out of my account however I never received the voucher. Are you able to resend the voucher to my email.
Mitch Davis

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Is there a combo option involving Kawarau Bridge and Nevis bungy options one day for one participant along with one spectator?

If so, how long will that take, with transportation included.

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I am planning my trip to NZ in late august and am considering all 3 jumps for me and my wife. It shows a significant price jump on the dates i would want. If i can do the jumps on any day can i get the good price now and plan the 3 jumps over my 5 days in queenstown in august. Also with the threat of covid - what is the cancellation policy?
Thanks in advance

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What is the max weight limit please


Hi Laura! The weight restrictions vary: The Nevis and Ledge Bungy have a maximum weight of 127kg and the Kawarau Bridge Bungy has a maximum weight of 235kg

Comment by: The Everything Travel Group (Sally) on 30th Apr 18 at 11:58

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If you book the bungy ledge up the skyline, does the price include your gondola ride up?


Hi Christie-Leigh, the Skyline gondola ticket is not included in the Ledge bungy price unfortunately. You just need to purchase your gondola ticket at the Skyline terminal at the bottom of the gondola on the day. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 27th Apr 17 at 20:21

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If I am going to book this combo, is there a special deal with the videos and photos? And how do I have to do it, like paying for these after every jump or all together? Is there a transport provided between the jumps if I am going to do all at one day? And is it possible to take a bag with me and leave it on the platform while I am jumping?


Hi Jule, if you get the photos and videos for all 3 bungy's then there is a combo price and the cost is $160. If you want just the photos or just the videos for all 3 bungy's then the cost is $100 total. You can just pay for these at check in at the start of the day. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 25th Apr 17 at 18:46

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I didnt jump before and I dont know which one I should do. Can I only book the Original and Upgrade to all 3 if I enjoy it? Or other way around?


Hi Claude,

I would recommend starting with the Kawarau Bridge. This is 43m high. and the worlds first commercial Bungy site. If you were ever going to do one this would be it for sure. I've jumped there over 20 times and love it. If you are into it, then you can upgrade on the day direct with AJ Hackett to any combo.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Nigel) on 26th Jan 14 at 10:20

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Hi, after I complete the last jump (The Ledge), will I be able to stay on top at the skyline, or do I have to ride the gondola down back to the AJ Hackett office?


Hi Ken

Yes, you can stay up at the top of the Gondola after your AJ Hackett Ledge bungy jump. There is a cafe and bar where you can get yourself a celebratory drink. The viewing deck is amazing and you can look back down towards the bungy platform and watch other people bungy jump too.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Kris) on 15th Sep 13 at 14:43

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Hi, I've done the AJ Hackett Bungy Jump at the Macau Tower 2 years ago and received a promotion card which states that the card holder is entitled to a 20% discount from any AJ Hackett retail activity. Is the discount applicable to this package? Thanks!


Hi Ken,
The 20% discount can only be used when booking direct with AJ Hackett and can only be used on stand alone product not combos or specials as they are already heavily discounted. 

I have jumped in Macau as well, amazing experience - you will love the Queenstown jumps also.



Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Nigel) on 25th Aug 13 at 09:36

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Is there any transfer from Arrowtown bungy jump site(over Kurawau river)) to the Nevis bungy jump site? How long does it take?

Cos my packaged/escorted tour ends at the Arrowton Kurawau site around lunchtime. Then after lunch is free time. So thinking of not bunygy jump here, but to take coach to do only bungy jump at nevis. Kindly advise. TQ


Hi Lee. Yes you are absolutely right, the Nevis bungy transfers do go via the Kawarau bungy bridge after leaving Queenstown. The Kawarau bridge is about 20 minutes drive from Queenstown and the Nevis bungy site is a further 20 minutes down the road from the Kawarau bungy bridge. So if you just want to do the Nevis bungy then you can book this for the afternoon and we can arrange for you to get picked up from the Kawarau Bridge site rather than getting transfers from Queenstown. To book this please book via the Nevis Bungy jump page on our site or click on the link below and then select a time in the afternoon that suits you, eg. 1pm, and then mention in the additional information field that you wish to get transfers from the Kawarau Bridge:


Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 24th Jul 13 at 13:44

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If you do all 3 in one day, is there transport between jumps or do you have to go back to queenstown and out again each time


Hi Jessica, if you do all the Bungy Jumps in Queenstown you will start at the Kawarau and once you've completed that you will go straight on from there to the Nevis and then be dropped back in town after the Nevis so you can go up the Gondola to the Ledge Bungy. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 9th Jan 13 at 13:41

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Hi, was just wondering if people can come watch while i do all three ? with transportation ect?


Hi Mariana they certainly can. There is no cost for a spectator to go out to the Kawarau Bungy. For the Ledge Bungy spectators would just need to pay the gondola fee for their ride up there and for the Nevis Bungy there is a $50 spectators fee to be taken out to the Nevis Bungy. This cost also allows spectators to go out in the cable car to the jump pod and watch from there.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 21st May 12 at 15:11

If we book and pay before the 30th June, will these prices stay for our visit in August?

Comment by: Russell Thompson on 11th Jun 12 at 11:43

Hi Russell, yes, if you book and pay now for a visit in August you receive the special price. You just need to have made the booking by the 30th June to be eligible for the special price.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group on 11th Jun 12 at 16:09

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I was wondering if you have a combo that includes all 3 AJ Hackett Bungy's as well as the Aj Hackett Nevis Swing?


Hi Sam, there is a combo that includes all 3 Aj Hackett Bungy's but not with the Nevis Swing as well. You would need to book the Nevis Swing separately or alternatively there is a Swing and Bungy combo which includes the one Nevis Bungy and Nevis Swing.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 2nd Feb 12 at 12:01

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