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Awesome Foursome - Bungy Jet Heli Raft Queenstown

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Awesome Foursome - Bungy Jet Heli Raft
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Awesome Foursome Combo

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Service rating:

Service was good and liked all the activities except for the helicopter ride which took just 6 min. Expected more from that.

Product rating:

I liked all the activities and it was well organized, just the helicopter ride wasnt worth the money

Reviewed 15-Dec-2017

Service rating:

Absolutely brilliant, everything went to plan. Alex was great to deal with. I will defiantly be deal with you guys again. Thanks heaps.

Product rating:

Brilliant, highly recommend

Reviewed 02-Feb-2017

Service rating:

Felt disorganized and started the day off 25 minutes late which threw off the following activities, but the staff was patient and we got to do everything. ETG was flexible and allowed me to email to my confirmation.

Product rating:

Reviewed 11-Oct-2015

Service rating:

Absolutely outstanding, extremely reliable, fun, cool people!

Product rating:

A must-do experience for everybody, one of the highlights of my life!

Reviewed 21-Jul-2014

Service rating:

Very easy to use and helpful!!

Product rating:

Amazing, was very very happy. Its an experience myself and my partner will never forget!!

Reviewed 30-Jul-2013

Service rating:

Great customer service and awesome activities. Made my time in New Zealand memorable and magical.

Product rating:

Very well organised, great fun.

Reviewed 15-Mar-2013

Everything Travel Group Review

You can't visit Queenstown without blitzing the river on the infamous Shotover Jet Boat, taking a ride in a helicopter or experiencing an iconic bungy jump, where the concept of jumping off a bridge all started. What better way to do all this and more by combining all three activities with Rafting the Shotover river and you have a water lovers heaven and ultimate adrenalin junkies combo, the Awesome Foursome. After conquering this combo you will have a real understandging of what Queenstown is all about. This is a remarkable experience and recommended to all seeking an adrenalin rush or pushing their limits. Are you up for it?

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Reviewed 2 Feb 2012 by Everything Travel Group (Belinda)

Latest Questions about Awesome Foursome - Bungy Jet Heli Raft (Queenstown)

Hi! My group of friends and I (total 5 of us) are planning to be in Queenstown in July 2020. The 3 main activities we want to do are whitewater rafting, bungy jump and skydive. What package would you recommend us to take up?

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what happens if one of the activities is cancelled due to weather and I can't do one of the four? Do I get a partial refund?


Hi Jo, absolutely- you will get the opportunity to reschedule or a partial refund!

Comment by: The Everything Travel Group (Sally) on 15th May 18 at 13:52

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If I want to do the Skydive, Jet, Heli, Raft trip, but my husband wants to do the Bungy Jet Heli Raft trip, does the group meet up and do activities together for the Jet, Heli, Raft?


Hi Alice, if you book the combos together in the one transaction and note in the "additional information" field you want to do the jet, heli, raft part of the combos together we will organise it so you are together for those activities. You will both go off to your skydive and bungy first thing and then in the afternoon you will do the remaining activities.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 9th Sep 15 at 07:53

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Hi, If I wanted to do the Awesome Foursome, and two of my friends only wanted to do the Shotover Duo, would we be on the same jetboat and raft if they were on the 1215pm trip?


Hi Daniel. Yes that is exactly right. If you book the Awesome Foursome combo in Queenstown then we will book you on the morning nevis bungy and the jet boat heli and raft (Trio) in the afternoon. So if you tell your friends to book on the afternoon Duo (jet & raft) or Trio (jet heli raft) then we will make sure you are all on the jetboat and rafting together. If they book separately from you please ask them to mention your name in the 'additional information' field when booking so that we ensure you travel together.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 11th Feb 14 at 10:53

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Hi is it possible for some of our group to do just the Jet and Helicopter (no bungy or raft...)


Hi Lisa. Yes it is possible for some of your group to only do some of the activities involved in the Awesome Foursome combo in Queenstown. They can do the jet boat on its own however they can't do the helicopter flight without the rafting as the flight is one way into the Skippers Canyon and the start of the white water rafting. For your reference, if anyone in the group wants to do the jetboat, bungy or rafting separately then we can make sure they will still be with the rest of your group for these activities, just not the helicopter on its own. When you book these via our website just make sure to mention in the 'additional information' field in the booking page that you wish to be part of your group doing the Awesome Foursome.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 27th Nov 12 at 11:23

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Hi there,

if we do the Jet/Raft/Heli package deal, do we have to do all three on the same day?



Hi Diane. Yes for the Awesome Foursome combo you do have to do all the activities in the one day as they all link up one after the other. You will do the Shotover Jet first then you will be taken to the helipad where you will be flown in to the start of your Shootver river rafting trip. If you'd prefer to do the rafting and the jetboating on different days then you can just book the rafting or heli rafting on one day and the Shotover Jet on another. See links below for these two activities:



Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 20th Aug 12 at 13:26

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How far in advanced would you recommend booking and all four activities weather permitting?


Hi Dayna. The Awesome Foursome is a very popular Queenstown Combo so we do recommend booking several weeks in advance if possible. The activities are weather dependent and if any of them are cancelled then you can reschedule or receive a refund. When were you thinking of booking it? I can check the availability for you.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 1st Jun 12 at 18:57

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does any activity put strain on the foot? my partner has recently broken his foot but will be out of plaster before we travel to new zealand however the plaster will only just come off prior to our trip and we want to book some things to do but are concerned he might re break it.


Hi Amy. That is definitely a question for your partner's doctor to answer as it really depends on how well his bones have healed and what sort fo break there was in the first place. In regards to the activities involved in the Awesome Foursome combo in Queenstown there are varying degrees of strain and exertion involved. The bungy should be fine as you have an ankle and body harness so there should be no excessive strain on his foot. The Shotover Jet and helicopter flight are totally fine but the rafting may cause some discomfort for him as you need to wedge your feet in to get grip and avoid falling out. I'd probably steer away from the rafting and book the Nevis & Jet Combo.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 29th Apr 12 at 12:27

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How long does each activity take and is it all in one day?
Another thing, are the awesome foursome avilable in may???


Hi Gigi yes the Awesome Foursome is all in one day with your first activity starting around 9am which will be the bungy you will then come back and do the Shotover Jet boat ride and then be flown by helicopter into the start of the afternoon Shotover rafting trip which starts at 1pm and will be back by 5pm. Yes the Aweomse Foursome is available in May. It runs all year round.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 13th Apr 12 at 12:01

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is this package available for 2 adults on the 12th of june 2012?

is full payment required?

can you cancel or is there a refund?


Hi Thi Ngo. Yes the Awesome Foursome combo in Queenstown is available for 2 adults on the 12th June and full payment is required to book. If you change your mind and want to cancel you can but you need to make sure you do so at least 72 hours in advance.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 3rd Apr 12 at 10:59

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Can you buy the awesome foursome package and opt for the swing (nevis) instead of bunji?


Hi Janelle. Unfortunately there isn't a combo that combines the Nevis Swing with the jet, heli and raft. The best way to do it is book the Shotover Trio (jet, heli, raft) and then book the Nevis Swing spearately.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 30th Mar 12 at 12:33

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the four activities, are they carried out over four days or just the one as stated in the duration?


Hi Tammy. The Awesome Foursome is carried out over the one day.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 30th Mar 12 at 12:03

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If i buy foursome ticket on 26 Dec 2011,i can utilize it for Bungy and shot over jet on the same day and rest on 27 Dc 2011.

Is it allowed to use it like this ?


Hi Deepa. In order to get the special combo price for the Awesome Foursome you do need to do all the activities in the one day. If you want to split them over a couple of days then you can just book the Nevis bungy and Shotover Jet on the one day and the heli rafting on the next day.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Deepa) on 16th Dec 11 at 15:37

are wetsuits and all equipment provided for all activities?

Comment by: vanesan on 21st Jul 12 at 20:34

Hi Vanesan, yes all gear is provided for the rafting, you just need to take swim wear and a towel with you and a spray jacket is provided for the Shotover Jet. You will just need to wear closed covered shoes for the Bungy.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group on 23rd Jul 12 at 12:36

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