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Hot Air Balloons - Sunrise Queenstown

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Hot Air Balloons - Sunrise

from NZD$545.00

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Hot Air Balloons - Sunrise

Prices & Options Currency Converter

Adult: NZD$545.00

Child (5-12yrs): NZD$345.00

Private Charter (2-15 people): NZD$8175.00

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Service rating:   excellent

Very good! Went up and was very bumpy from the wind. They refunded the parasail. Very professional!

Product rating:   excellent

Reviewed 05-Apr-2016

Service rating:   excellent

Helpful support to answer my enquiry, and I have made some changes of my booking with very quick response and action.

Product rating:   good

Around 15 mins late pick up. Thought we would rise before sunrise. But overall experience is great, and we had a fun time to collect the air balloon together

Reviewed 28-Mar-2016

Service rating:   bad

It was okay. We said we wanted to go on Monday if the weather was no good on Sunday - and was told that was okay but when I phoned 4.30 am Sunday and was told it had been cancelled that day I was quite bluntly told - by a lady who had been quite curt previously - that there were no places available on Monday. I was also told that our money would be refunded which hasn't happened yet.

Product rating:   bad

It would be appreciated it if you could please refund our money ASAP as the balloon trip was cancelled by the company

Reviewed 08-Feb-2016

Reply from Everything Travel Group

Thank you for your feedback and so sorry you were unable to go on your balloon flight. I understand it was Sunrise Balloons you spoke to directly in regards to changing your balloon flight and they moved your booking as requested but unfortunately the weather didn't play ball again. This is the first we've heard from you that your flight was cancelled. On your booking confirmation we ask that you inform us if your activity is cancelled so we can promptly process your refund. As we are now aware of your cancellation we have processed the refund straight back to your card. We were aware you'd rescheduled with Sunrise but unfortunately not that your second flight had been cancelled. Ballooning is a difficult one as it is very weather dependent and conditions have to be near perfect in order for the flights to depart so it certainly can be frustrating. I've passed your feedback onto Sunrise Balloons so they can get in touch with you directly regarding your disappointment and they way your situation was handled. Once again, thank you for taking the time to leave us with your feedback. It's important for us to understand any misgivings so we can improve our processes for the future.

Belinda Stewart
Everything Travel Group.

Posted 01-Feb-2016

Reply from Customer

We were robbed. I paid months ago for a balloon ride in Queenstown, NZ. Ride was cancelled twice - and I was promised a full refund but so far - and I think this is all we're getting - I have received back only $894.99 of $990 paid - 4 months ago. A respectable company might have paid back the original amount - with interest! Don't you think?

Posted 08-Feb-2016

Reply from Customer

Correction - the original amount paid - was $921.34 - still a $26.36 difference. But I apologise for the $990 in the last one - which didn't allow for the exchange rate Aus to NZ - I'm still unhappy though.

Posted 08-Feb-2016

Reply from Everything Travel Group

Just confirming your payment was made for $990 NZD for your Sunrise Balloon ride in Queenstown. Unfortunately your flight was cancelled numerous times due to weather and as a result your refund was processed back to you. When an activity is cancelled due to weather you are always entitled to a full refund and in your case you were refunded $990NZD in full back to your account. As stated on the site, all bookings are paid for in NZD. As you paid with an Australian credit card then there is always going to be some movement with the exchange rate. This is entirely out of our hands and is determined by the banks on the day. I can assure you, the full $990NZD was refunded back from Everything Travel Group's account to yours. We certainly do not charge any fee or withhold any of the funds and a full refund is always provided. We would like to offer you a $50NZD gift voucher due to the inconvenience caused by the banks exchange rate on the day. You can use this credit towards any activity on our site for your next visit to NZ. Hopefully the weather may be a little more accommodating for a balloon flight! The voucher will be emailed to you.

Belinda Stewart
Everything Travel Group.

Posted 08-Feb-2016

Service rating:   good

The Travel Group were ok, processing my refund in reasonable time. Withheld $35, I'm left to assume for admin costs

Product rating:   bad

The receptionist was extremely rude to me. Made me feel like dirt and tried to refuse to pick us up because I was free camping even though it was perfectly legal in my self contained van in a designated spot. She was not in the least apologetic when twice cancelling our ballooning 'due to weather'. The first time was indeed windy but the second time there was barely a breath of air and the way she spoke to me made me believe she never intended to fit us in. I ended up booking with a different company in Christchurch for nearly half the price

Reviewed 18-Jan-2016

Reply from Everything Travel Group

Thank you for providing us with your feedback and sorry to hear you didn't have a very good experience with Sunrise Balloons. I've spoken to Sunrise Balloons and they were very disappointed they could not get you out for a flight during the time you were in town. I believe your pick up location was changed which is why they did their best to schedule a pick up from as close to you as possible without disrupting the rest of the confirmed schedule. Sunrise certainly aren't in favour of cancelling as it isn't in their interest at all however if conditions are not suitable then they have no choice. Conditions for ballooning do have to be pretty perfect to be able to operate unfortunately so you can imagine being so reliant on the weather does cause a few headaches. I was asked to pass on further apologies from Sunrise Balloons regarding you not feeling very accommodated as that was never the intention to make you feel like this. In regards to your refund, please note you paid $1980 NZD and $1980 NZD was refunded. We don't withhold any fees when there is a cancellation and the full amount is refunded back to you and this was done however if you paid via international card then the exchange rate with your bank may have been different when the refund was processed which would either cause you getting more back than what you originally paid or less depending on the way the exchange rate had moved. I'm pleased you managed to fit a flight in while you were in Christchurch and once again thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback, we do appreciate it.

Belinda Stewart
Everything Travel Group.

Posted 19-Jan-2016

Service rating:   excellent

Friendly service

Product rating:   good

Great fun and wonderful experiance

Reviewed 01-Nov-2015

Service rating:   excellent

Really good. Had a few dramas with weather but they were very helpful.

Product rating:  

Got cancelled on a day with perfect weather....

Reviewed 26-Oct-2015

Everything Travel Group Review

This is something everyone has to do at least once in their lifetime! Ok, the 4.30am wake up call is a bit hard to handle (suggest not drinking the night before) and it's not the cheapest activity in town, but this was without doubt one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I don't think I'll ever see a sunrise like this again! We flew to 8000ft in a very gentle breeze for just over an hour over golf courses, lakes and picturesque farmland; throw in a tasty champagne breakfast and friendly and informative staff... wow...speechless!!

Suggestions: Due to its weather dependent nature (flies on average every other day) I'd suggest booking this for the beginning of your stay in Queenstown so that you can reschedule for another day if necessary. You're also best to book in advance as this is a very popular activity and there are limited spaces available.

  Value for Money

  Wow Factor

Reviewed 14 Dec 2011 by Everything Travel Group (Callum)

Latest Questions about Hot Air Balloons - Sunrise (Queenstown)

What time would the start be for the of end of April to go up in a hot air balloon. If we book in and the weather is bad what happens?

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Hi, I'm heading to queenstown with a friend tomorrow for a week, is the baloon sunrise operating at this time of year, unsure of where we are staying as yet.


Hi Kimberly,
The Sunrise Balloons are operating and it is a great trip to do in the Winter. Beautiful views everywhere.
We always suggest doing the Ballooning straight away as if there are weather issues, you will have time to re0schedule your trip for another day.
You can book this through our website and we will send you an e-ticket.



Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Nigel) on 11th Aug 12 at 13:17

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how long in advance must be start booking the balloon ride?


Hi Wei. The hot air ballooning is very popular in Queenstown so we recommend booking several weeks in advance if possible. Given it is very weather depenent it is also a good idea to book for one of your first days in Queenstown so that if the weather is no good for flying you can reschedule for another day. Alternatively you can email us for a full refund.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 22nd Jun 12 at 20:28

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I wish to book a Hot Air Balloon ride for the 9th of July.
I was wondering if you still operate during winter, if so do you have place free for this date?
Thanks! =)


Hi Angela, yes Sunrise Balloons operate all year round, 7 days a week, weather permitting. Currently there is space available on the 9th July.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 11th May 12 at 10:42

Hi, is 1st-8th Sept a good time/day to take flight?

Comment by: Wei on 19th Jun 12 at 14:47

Hi Wei, yes September is fine to take a flight with Sunrise Balloons in Queenstown. They operate all year round and in September it is starting to warm up a little and entering Spring making for some stunning views.  

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 19th Jun 12 at 15:07

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We are a family of 16 people, this group includes 1 child. What is the best if we want to go hot air ballooning? We will be in Queenstown between 23-29th Dec


Hi Pamela. The hot air ballooning in Queenstown has 2 balloons and baskets so they can fly 2 groups at the one time. The largest basket carries 14 passengers and the 2nd basket can carry up to 10 passengers. We could therefore split your family up into 2 balloons. The period between Christmas and New Year is the busiest time in Queenstown so we recommend booking your ballooning and any other activities well in advance.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 15th Mar 12 at 20:42

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I was wanting to propose to my girlfriend..how many people do you have on the balloon? was looking at the 17th-18th March.


Hi Tania, depending on how many people have booked Sunrise Balloons there will be a maximum of 14 people in one balloon.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 28th Feb 12 at 10:18

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Is it possible to charter a balloon and or is there a discount for 6 people?


Hi Andrew. It is possible to charter a balloon but the hot air balloons can hold up to 15 people and they are always fully booked so you would need to pay for 15 passengers to get a balloon to yourself. The cost is $6675. Alternatively, you can book 6 seats at $445 each and there will be other paying passengers on board. Unfortunately we are not permitted to discount this tour. We do recommend that your book for one of your first days in Queenstown so that if the weather is poor for flying you can reschedule to another day. If you do get cancelled and you can't reschedule you will of course receive a full refund from us.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 8th Dec 11 at 16:41

can we bring along children under 5 yrs old

Comment by: Amy on 4th Feb 12 at 00:43

Hi Amy. Unfortunately children under 5 years old are not permitted to go ballooning in Queenstown for safety reasons. The reason for this is that they will be too short to see over the top of the basket and we don't want their parents lifting them up above the basket so they can see.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 4th Feb 12 at 10:48

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