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Dolphin Swim - Akaroa Harbour Christchurch

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Dolphin Swim - Akaroa Harbour

from NZD$160.00

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Dolphin Swim - Akaroa Harbour

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Dolphin Swim:

  • adult NZD$160.00
  • child (8-15yrs) NZD$130.00

Optional Extras:

  • Dolphin Watch - adult NZD$89.00
  • Dolphin Watch - child (5-15yrs) NZD$49.00

Latest Questions about Dolphin Swim - Akaroa Harbour (Christchurch)

We are visiting in December and I will be 26 weeks pregnant, just wondering if ill still be able to do the dolphin swimming? Ive done it before and loved it. I will be an average size 12 by then.


Hi Rachel, you should be able to participate no problem, unless conditions are particularly rough

Comment by: The Everything Travel Group (Sally) on 22nd Nov 17 at 16:56

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Are there washroom facilities on board your boats?


Heya, There are small toilets aboard the boats and full shower, changing room and locker facilities on the wharf (on land when you get back).

Comment by: Alicia - Everything New Zealand on 12th Oct 17 at 14:17

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Hi - Wondering about public transport from Christchurch to Akaroa. Is there a transfer available or is it best to hop on a bus?


Hi Claire, The Akaroa Shuttle departs from the main wharf daily, there is also the French Connection shuttle however i am not sure if that is operating at the moment. You can find details of them on their sites: www.akaroashuttle.co.nz www.akaroabus.co.nz Kind regards, Alicia

Comment by: Alicia on 29th Jul 17 at 12:02

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is this activity suitabl even around winter (june /juuly)


Dolphin swim tours from Akaroa are available daily all year, even during the colder winter months of the middle of the year. You are given thick wetsuits to wear and once you are in the water and moving around the colder water is not usually an issue for most people.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 13th Jun 17 at 15:35

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What is your cancellation policy?


For all the activities and tours listed on our website we require at least 48 hours notice for cancellation and changes.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 20th Jun 16 at 11:22

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What time is one most likely to see dolphins in early November--morning, afternoon or doesn't matter?


There is a resident pod of dolphins in Akaroa so it doesn't really matter what time of day. Often the weather is better (less windy) in the morning so I'd recommend booking for then if you want the best conditions.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 20th Jun 16 at 11:18

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how good a swimmer do you need to be to do the swim


Hi Ross. You don't have to be an excellent swimmer to go swimming with the dolphins in Akaroa however you do have to be confident enough to be in the open water without hanging on to anything. The wetsuits are very thick so they act as a buoyancy aid so you can't sink with them on. There is also additional buoyancy aids such as float boards and noodles which you can use in the water. As long as you feel comfortable enough swimming a short distance away from the boat then you will be fine. Please be aware there are no guides in the water and instead they are keeping watch from the boat. When were you thinking of booking for?

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 28th Sep 14 at 20:10

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I am arriving on a cruise ship docking at Akaroa how do I get to the pick up place for the dophin swim?
Does the same boat take watchers only?


Hi Kris. Yes, the Akaroa dolphin swim and dolphin watch are both on the same boat that departs from the Akaroa wharf where I believe all the cruise ships dock or if the ships are too big to dock then you will get a tender craft in to the wharf from the boat that will be moored out in the harbour.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 9th Feb 13 at 14:31

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