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Four Wheel Drive - Nomad Safari Skippers Canyon Queenstown


Latest Questions about Four Wheel Drive - Nomad Safari Skippers Canyon (Queenstown)

What age group is this situable for?
Is it suitable for pregnant women?


The four wheel drive tours in Queenstown do not have an age restriction and in fact, kids under 5 travel for free. The Macetown and Skippers Canyon tours are not really suitable for pregnant women as they are quite bumpy at times and you move around a bit in the back of the vehicle. But the Safari of the Scenes Tour B (Glenorchy) is acceptable for pregnant women as its a really smooth ride without much off road, so long as you are not nearing the end of your pregnancy.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 13th Sep 18 at 13:06

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Hi, I will be having a day free in Queenstown as part of my south island tour on 22 Jan 2013. Glad if you can let me know if I can be accommodated in your pre-schedules. I am a solo traveler, but I will travel in a group. I will join the group in Christchurch. I would not know whether they would be interested to join me. I am interested in Skippers Canyon and Glenarchy.

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we will be traveling to Queenstown in Feb 2013. We have 5 adults & 1 Child on board. Can we book a private chartered for a half day Glenorchy (Tour B) tour? If yes, how many days in advance should we inform you? Most likely, our tour driver will help us in this.


Hi Ching, you certainly can book a private charter for the half day Glenorchy tour (Tour B). The cost will be $845 and you would need to book at least a few weeks in advance as February is a busy time. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group on 13th Jul 12 at 11:46

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