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Mountain Biking - Fat Tyre Queenstown

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Mountain Biking - Fat Tyre

from NZD$239.00

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Mountain Biking - Fat Tyre

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Mountain Biking:

  • Back Country NZD$239.00

Optional Extras:

  • bike hire (per person) NZD$60.00

Latest Questions about Mountain Biking - Fat Tyre (Queenstown)

I am meeting up with some friends in Queenstown on 24/02/2013 to walk the Rees/Dart & Cascade saddle.I shall have a coupple of days at either end & would like to get in some riding.As I shall have all my tramping gear I won't be able to bring much riding gear,maybe my s<em>*%</em>s do your bikes have clipless pedals or flats.Heli trip sounds good to me . I am a reasonably competent rider but western Australia is very different from NZ.Mostly ride single track & cross country.What do you suggest?


Hi Colin, Fat Tyre have both clips and flats available which you can choose from on the day and provide all gear so you don't have to bring any with you. You could select either of the full day or half day ride options and on the day the route you take will ultimately be decided after speaking to your guide about your experience and also depending on the weather. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 16th Oct 12 at 17:11

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Are Bike rentals included?


Hi Melissa. Yes full suspension bike rental including helmet and gloves is included in all the tour options with Fat Tyre Mountain Biking.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 7th Mar 12 at 14:02

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We are coming to Queenstown and planning to bike there on 4th March. I'm interested in doing the cross country while my husband is interested in doing the Single Track then Cross Country with me. Question is how long does the SIngle Track go for and can he do the Cross Country with me after that? How long would both tracks take in order for us to plan a departure from our hotel? We are staying at either the Oaks or Rees, how far is your place from these hotels? Thanks!!


Hi Switha, Fat Tyre tours are usually catered for the ability of the group i.e they can't run a Single Track tour and a Cross Country tour on the same day rather they would do one or the other or organise the tour to suit both abilities. The option proposed by Fat Tyre to cater for both Cross Country and Single Track riders was their back country ride called Long Gully which, depending on your abilities, would challenge someone who just wanted cross country at times (maybe you would need to walk parts) but you would both get enjoyment out of the trip. It really depends on your ability as to how challenging you would find the ride. Fat Tyre will pick up you up from either Oaks or Rees and you would need to allow 5-6 hours for the round trip.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 2nd Feb 12 at 12:57

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