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Nevis Bungy & Rafting Combo Queenstown

Nevis Bungy & Rafting Combo
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Nevis Bungy & Shotover Rafting

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Friendly front counter staff - the rafting guide was awesome.

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Very funny crew and made the rafting a major highlight in my NZ trip

Reviewed 15-Mar-2013

Latest Questions about Nevis Bungy & Rafting Combo (Queenstown)

Is there a difficult climb down to the whitewater rafting

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One person in over 4 person group can't swim. Can they go rafting ?



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Where can i find it on a map


The Nevis bungy & raft combo in Queenstown operates at a number of different locations. You will do the Nevis bungy in the nevis valley which is located 45 minutes drive out of town on private land. The rafting takes place in the Skippers Canyon on the Shotover river which is about 40 minutes drive out of town also. The pick up point for both activities is inside the Station building located on the corner of Shotover & Camp street central Queenstown.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 27th Nov 15 at 18:03

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Is the rafting still all good in winter time ?


The rafting in Queenstown during winter is often better than in summer but it all depends on rain fall or snow melt. In order to raft in winter you need to fly in by helicopter as the roads are too icy for the rafting bus to access. You can combine your heli rafting with the Bungy and to make it a full day tour and even add on the Shotover Jet in the Awesome Foursome combo.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 25th Jul 15 at 08:39

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Good afternoon.
Myself and a friend are coming over to New Zealand in September and plan to book the 'Nevis Bungy Raft'. We were hoping to do it on the 22nd September, would the service roads be suitable to drive on by then or do we have to include the heli ride for the water rafting?
Thank you


Hi Emily. In regards to the Shotover river rafting in Queenstown during winter, it really depends on the amount of snow that is still around. Generally speaking the Skippers Canyon access road doesn't open up again for rafting vehicles until the first week in October so you would need to include the helicopter ride. It really depends on the weather to be honest. The helicopter flight is only 5 minutes long but its great fun as it goes in through the canyons.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 3rd Aug 12 at 17:42

So for September you would have to book the heli ride for the extra $94 ?

Comment by: Cassie on 10th Aug 12 at 14:17

Hi Cassie,

Thank you for the email regarding the Nevis Bungy Raft Combo Package.
At this stage we don't know exactly when the roads will open as it's all dependent on the weather. I would suggest you by the Nevis/Raft combo without the heli option as long as you are aware there is a chance you will need to pay the upgrade to the heli if the roads are not operating by that date.  In order to do this you will need to select a date in October (rather than 22 Sep) and then add to the note area that you really want go on the 22nd September. This is because our system is programmed to automatically include the heli option if you select a date in September.

Are there any other activities in Queenstown that you were considering? Let me know if you need some help deciding and I will be happy to offer my personal recommendations.



Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Nigel) on 10th Aug 12 at 14:53

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