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Nevis Swing & Raft Combo
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Nevis Swing & Shotover Rafting Combo

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Service rating:

The information given was a little confusing and there was one rather rude lady at the canyon swing office, she weighed my friend then two people she knew came in, she then spent 10 minutes talking to them while I waited, then weighed her two friends for the swing, talked a bit more then finally weighed me, something I found quite rude, she was then rude to another customer after me.

Product rating:

Good guides, good staff members, the guys at the canyon swing made the experience even better.

Reviewed 15-Mar-2013

Latest Questions about Nevis Swing & Raft Combo (Queenstown)

Does this include video and photos? If not, how much extra is it


Hi Natalie, Thank you for your enquiry. It does not include photos or videos, however, you can purchase them there on the day for an extra $60 NZD!

Comment by: ETG on 9th Jan 21 at 18:22

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Hi there,

Looking to book the canyon swing and raft combo. Do you do tandem canyon swings?




Hi Donna, thanks for getting in touch with us regarding the Shotover Canyon Swing and Rafting Combo. Yes, we certainly do tandem canyon swings as part of this package, and can put together a custom option for you.

Comment by: ETG on 30th Nov 20 at 10:08

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Hi, my teenage kids and I are heading over in September. They would like to do both the swing and the rafting. I will not be able to perform any of these but would like to view them at the swing. Is it possible for me to be dropped back in Queenstown whilst they continue onto the rafting? Or is there any where at the rafting that they can viewed and how much would this cost? Thanks :)


Hi Sandra. Yes that is certainly possible. If you book your kids on the Swing & Raft combo in Queenstown then we will book them on the Swing at 9am and the rafting at 1pm. So if you want to go along and watch them do the Shotover Canyon Swing then you can book yourself in as a spectator on the swing for $20 and go out to the site with them. You will then be brought back in town after the swing by 12pm and they will go off an raft and be back by about 5pm. You can book the Shotover Canyon Swing spectator via this link: Canyon Swing

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 7th Aug 13 at 16:20

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Hi there,

I'm looking to book this combo for 2 people. However we have a third person who wishes to just do the White Water rafting. Is it possible for us to just book the rafting for them but allow them to come along to the canyon swing (as a spectator) and then we all white water raft together? We are looking to book this for early december. Thanks.

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I am looking to do the swing and heli raft in June, what time can I expect to be back in Queenstown?


Hi Bob. The Canyon Swing and Heli Raft combo finishes up around 5pm and you will be back in town no later than 5.15pm.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 12th Feb 12 at 13:57

Another question, with the combo, do we have time to do extra jumps at the canyon swing?

Comment by: Bob on 12th Feb 12 at 20:08

Hi Bob, it depends on which way round you do the Canyon Swing and Raft combo. If you do the Canyon Swing first followed by the Rafting, which is they way I suggest you do it, then you will be back in Queenstown about 5-5.30pm. The size of the group depends on whether or not you get to have extra jumps. Generally there is time for extra jumps and I imagine at that time of year this will not be a problem.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 13th Feb 12 at 10:22

Hi I am looking to book the canyon swing and the raft combo for the 1st of july, however it only gives me the option of the swing heli raft combo Is the swing raft combo for this date available or on the 30th of june?

Comment by: indianna on 17th Mar 13 at 16:44

Hi Indianna, during winter you can only do the Heli Raft option as the road is closed due to snow and ice and is just too dangerous to drive on so the heli rafting is the only option available where you will fly in instead of driving. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group on 18th Mar 13 at 13:27

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