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Jet Boat Rides in Rotorua


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  • Displaying 4 results

Aside from its natural beauty, New Zealand is perhaps best known for its abundant offering of adventure activities. In fact, high-speed jet boating is one of the most popular tourist activities in the country, with trips available in every major city across the country, including Rotorua. Learn more about jet boating in Rotorua and book your excursion today with Everything New Zealand.

In scenic and historic Rotorua, there are plenty of choices for visitors or locals looking to experience the unmatched thrill of a jet boat ride. Whether you prefer to zoom through scenic Lake Rotorua on your voyage or you’d rather zip around a dedicated jet boat sprint course, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Admire Beautiful Lake Rotorua from Aboard a Jet Boat
Admire the crystal-clear waters of Lake Rotorua on board a jet boating tour from Katoa. This unforgettable jet boat experience will have you screaming with delight as your professional driver takes you on a heart-stopping journey of this special place.

Powered by a V8 engine, your vessel will hit speeds of up to 80kph, as your captain makes masterful turns through the water. Watch in awe as you whip around the majestic landscape of New Zealand’s North Island and try to take it all in.

Fulfil Your Need for Speed with Agrojet
If you’re feeling particularly brave, head to Velocity Valley to hop aboard the Agrojet Rotorua jet boat ride. Located just 10km outside of Rotorua, this adventure park is perfect for anyone who likes to live on the edge or try out unique thrills and attractions.

The Agrojet trip was created to replicate the experience of a Formula 1 race - just on water instead of a racetrack. It’s the fastest jet boating trip you will find in New Zealand, as well as the only commercial jetsprint ride in the world.

Unlike other trips, this jet boat Rotorua voyage takes place on a specially designed sprint course, located at the Velocity Valley complex. On the ride, your highly trained captain will take you on several hot laps around the kilometre-long course as you and your companion hold on tightly.

Get the most out of your visit to Velocity Valley by bundling your jet boat experience with one (or more) of the other activities offered at the park. With the Velocity Valley Activity Combos, you can partake in other heart-stopping attractions, like skydiving and free-fall swinging. You can try just two of their unique rides, or you can bundle all five together with the VIP package. A trip to Velocity Valley is guaranteed fun for the entire family - all just a short drive from Rotorua city.

Any visit to New Zealand would be incomplete without a bit of adventure, and jet boating in Rotorua is the perfect way to experience the mesmerising beauty of the region. Explore all of the Rotorua jet boat ride options from Everything New Zealand and begin booking your next holiday today.


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