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Glacier Walks - Fox Glacier Guiding Fox Glacier

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Glacier Walks - Fox Glacier Guiding
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Fox Glacier Guided Walks

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Service rating:

Booking was super-easy and all information sent to me was detailed with all necessary info. My bookings were seamless and the check-in process upon arrival was easy! One of our excursions had to be cancelled because of storm damage to the area, but the team contacted me well in advance to inform me of the situation and offered to book another activity or issue a full refund. Because of scheduling constraints, we opted for the refund and it was issued asap with zero complications. The staff members that contacted me were incredibly friendly and easy to work with - thanks Alicia and Sally!

Product rating:

Unfortunately this adventure had to be cancelled due to storm damage in the area. Full refund was issued and the process was handled flawlessly.

Reviewed 17-Mar-2018

Service rating:

They were very friendly, smile all the time, Anna was our guide, she was the best guide we could ask for, She knew eveything about foxglacier
We recommend her to all our friends

Product rating:

Reviewed 16-Jan-2018

Service rating:


Product rating:

Bien intéressant à faire!

Reviewed 03-Feb-2017

Service rating:

Excellent trip which was very well organised, a good level of challenge and delivered with knowledge and expertise.

Probably the highlight of our trip to NZ

Product rating:

Reviewed 18-Jan-2017

Service rating:

We were informed that our trip has been canceled due to it's overbooked the day we check in right before the trip. Franz Josep Glacier Guide said it's IT system problem. We barely make it if there is no one didn't show up. Luckily we did have our trip eventually. Otherwise we'd waste our time driving from Fox glacier and back for nothing.

Product rating:

Love the trip. Glacier is magnificent!!

Reviewed 23-Feb-2016

Reply from Customer

Good efficiency of feeding back the refund request.

Posted 23-Feb-2016

Service rating:

Professional and friendly

Product rating:

Remarkable adventure

Reviewed 08-Nov-2015

Service rating:

No issues at all

Product rating:

The guide was brilliant as was the afternoon on the ice.

Reviewed 02-Mar-2015

Service rating:

Easy registration

Product rating:

Excellent activity.
Good guides, with information and good pace during the hike and on the ice.

Reviewed 18-Nov-2013

Service rating:

Activity was cancelled due to poor weather but we were not provided a full refund, infact i'm still chasing what little refund was available according to the activity group.

Product rating:

the refund policy was not provided prior to the event, though when the event was cancelled allm the staff were insisting that everyone had sufficient time to read the policy. No need to push shonky business tacktics to make an extra buck or two, it'll end up ruining your reputation.

Reviewed 23-Sep-2013

Reply from Everything Travel Group

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback and I'm sorry to hear that you weren't able to complete the Half Day Fox Glacier Walk due to unfavourable weather. I have been in touch with the company that operate the Fox Glacier walks and they have informed me that the walk was unfortunately turned around at the terminal face due to the weather conditions and that meant your group only completed the Terminal Face Walk instead. The difference in price between their Terminal Walk and Half Day Walk is $66 per person and this is the amount you are entitled too. It must have been frustrating not being able to complete the half day walk and sorry that you felt you did not have enough time to read the refund policy. As is the case with all cancellations by the activity provider, we have of course refunded your credit card the nominal amount. Thanks again for taking the time to provide your feedback. As a gesture of goodwill we would like to offer you a $50 gift voucher towards the cost of any other activities on our NZ or Australia websites. Please contact us to receive your gift voucher.

Belinda Nichol
Everything Travel Group.

Posted 24-Sep-2013

Service rating:

Excellent service given, and would most definitely use them again if i had the opportunity to visit New Zealand again

Product rating:

Would certainly recommend the walk to anyone visiting New Zealand and the tour guide we had was awesome

Reviewed 04-Apr-2013

Latest Questions about Glacier Walks - Fox Glacier Guiding (Fox Glacier)

Hi,may I know if I choose fox glacier heli hike
Then I stay at lake tekapo so do I need to drive myself to fox glacier?


Heya, All hikes depart from Fox Glacier Guide base, situated on the main road of Fox Glacier. So you will need to make your own way there.

Comment by: Alicia - Everything New Zealand on 17th Sep 17 at 11:46

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I have never hiked before, can you advise if the heli hike is suitable for a beginner?


No previous hiking experience is necessary to partake in the Fox Glacier heli hike however you do need to have a minimum level of fitness. You will be on the ice hiking for around 3 hours (with plenty of stops) and there is some undulation so you should be comfortable walking for this amount of time on some uneven surfaces.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 17th Oct 16 at 10:31

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In your Prices you still include 'Face the Fox' walks - are they still available? We will be there 18 Mar 2015

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Hi, one more question I found there is other walks available from this website but it's no in your website, could you confirm if it's available?

Fox Trot (half day walk) - allow 4 hours (1 hr ice time)
Nimble Fox (all day walk) - allow 7 hours (4 hrs ice time)



Hi Irene. There was an ice slip a month or so ago at Fox Glacier which has meant the Fox Trot and Nimble Fox walks are not operating until conditions change. There is a new walk called the Quick Fox which is a shortened version of the Fox Trot half day walk that is operating as well as the Heli Hikes.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 22nd May 14 at 10:54

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I was more worried about clothing. If we are looking at going on the half day walk, what clothes are recommended?



Hi Luisa, it is recommended that you bring 3 - 4 layers of warm upper body clothing. Jeans are not recommended on wet days as they become very cold and uncomfortable to wear. You will be provided with sturdy leather boots for walking on the day. It is also recommended that you bring sunglasses and sun protection, a day pack with drink and snacks, raincoat (this can be supplied if you don't have your own) and during the winter months you will need a warm hat and gloves too.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 6th Jun 13 at 10:58

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Can i bring my own camera?


Hi Jess. Yes you are welcome to take your camera with you on the Fox Glacier guided hike. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 22nd Nov 12 at 18:55

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