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Hang Gliding - Skytrek Queenstown

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Hang Gliding - Skytrek

from NZD$235.00

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Hang Gliding - Skytrek

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Flyer: NZD$235.00

Everything Travel Group Review

It's like flying like a bird, soar high above the fields below and fly past the outcrops of the Remarkables mountains. If conditions allow the pilot may even allow you to take the controls for a while and see how smooth a flight it can be. Want more action? Simply let your pilot know and they can dive and swoop, or relax and take the scenic flight, its all up to you in flight. Make sure you get the inflight photos.

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Reviewed 9 Dec 2011 by Everything Travel Group (Kris)

Latest Questions about Hang Gliding - Skytrek (Queenstown)

How long is the flight?


Heya, It completely depends on the conditions, but generally the Queenstown flight from coronet peak is about 15-20 mins and the Aerotow in Glenorchy is more like 20-25 mins.

Comment by: Alicia - Everything Queenstown on 2nd Dec 17 at 10:48

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Can I bring a friend with me to watch my flight or is that not possible because of transportation to Queenstown and the different landing site?


Yes there is usually space for a spectator to come along in the van and watch you hang glide in Queenstown. We can't book it in or guarantee it but all you need to do is get your friend to come along when you check in for your hang glide in town and there is a good chance there will be space for them to go in the van.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 16th Oct 16 at 22:27

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Where is the launch site for your hang gliding?


The hang gliding launch site is from the Coronet Peak ski field car park located about 20 minutes drive out of Queenstown. You will land in the flight park below and be taken back to Queenstown afterwards.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 29th Aug 16 at 14:20

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I am planning to be in Queenstown from 15/4/15 until 27/4/15. I am more interested in doing the Aerotow hang gliding over Glenorchy. Is this possible within these dates? Or will l see the same scenery regardless of which hang gliding l do?


Hi David. The Aerotow hang gliding in Glenorchy only operates during the winter months (May-Sep) when then normal hang gliding from Coronet Peak is closed due to the snow. During the summer months (Oct-Apr) the normal hangliding from Coronet Peak in Queenstown operates several times a day. We do recommend booking for the morning flight if possible as the weather is usually more conducive to flying before midday. The scenery on both the aerotow hang gliding in Glenorchy and the normal hang gliding in Queenstown is very similar with stunning views of mountains, lakes and rivers seen from both.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 12th Oct 14 at 10:07

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I want to do hang Gliding in June but dates is not available online when I try to book? Or I need to book from Skytrek?


Hi Ben. The hang gliding in Queenstown does not operate off the normal summer take off at Coronet Peak as this becomes a ski field in winter. Instead during the winter months from May - September the hang gliding operates from a different location where the hang glider is towed up to altitude form the ground by a small tow plane. See the Aerotow hang gliding link for more information and to book.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 23rd May 14 at 14:44

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Hi, what's the minimum age to do Hang Gliding? My 9 year old is very keen and I was wondering if she could do it...


Hi Ilham. Children as young as 4 years old have gone tandem hang gliding in Queenstown. Anyone under 16 years of age must have parental consent.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 8th Dec 13 at 15:42

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I will be in NZ next February 2014 and wish to hang glide. Is there a tolerance on that max wgt. I'm currently at 106 kg.


Hi Jim

During the summer months the maximum weight that Skytrek Hang gliding can take is 100kgs. During the winter months of June through to mid September, they can sometimes take weights up to 115kg. If you are thinking of hang gliding during the winter months, please email us with your weight and height and we can double check for you.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Kris) on 3rd Aug 13 at 10:19

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Website states bring your camera. Are we permitted to carry our camera and take pics/video. ?


Hi Mohib. Yes you are welcome to take your camera with you when you go hang gliding in Queenstown so long as it is secured to your wrist in flight. Photos and video is also taken by the pilot which can purchased after your flight.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 11th Jan 13 at 14:47

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Do you provide photos plus video of the tandem flight? Is there a video flyer who does it or the glider pilot does it himself. I will bring my own camera also but looking at your videos on your website, would like to have one of those if poss, where you can see the passenger and pilot flying. What are the costs of photos/videos please? thanks


Hi Nisha, yes there are photos and videos available of your hang gliding. There camera is fixed to the glider so it films your experience. The photos and videos are $60 each for Skytrek Hang Gliding. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 6th Dec 12 at 15:08

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Hi I am thinking of driving to the SkyTrek hang gliding site. Is the location at the Cromwell Racecourse Airport at state highway 6 in Gibbston Valley?
I am thinking of taking the 12pm session. How many minutes ahead should I be at the site. Can I purchase the hang gliding tickets at the site?
Appreciate your advise. Thanks
Tao Chih, Lim


Hi Tao,

Skytrek is not based near the Cromwell racecourse. Skytrek fly from Coronet Peak and all check in is done from their office at 45 Camp St, Queenstown. They do provide transport, however if you want to drive your own vehicle this is fine, you will just need to follow their transport out from Queenstown to the take off location.

You need to be at the Camp St shop 20 minutes before departure.

Bookings can be made through our website

It always pays to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Nigel) on 3rd Nov 12 at 12:37

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Due to hang glide with you in late July. Is it OK to bring our own GoPro camera to record the hangglideing?
Thanks and can't wait to see NZ!!


Hi Jeff, yes you can bring your GoPro with you at your responsibility.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 3rd Jul 12 at 14:49

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We will be visiting Te Anau and on the 24th we would like to book Hang Gliding Skytrek but I way 115kg's. Will this be a problem.


Hi JP, unfortunately Skytrek Hang gliding have stopped their operation for the winter as the winds are not suitable from their launching site. They will begin operating it again in October.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 29th Jun 12 at 12:17

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is video included?


Hi Persie, yes you do receive a video with your flight.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 11th Jun 12 at 16:45

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