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Scuba Diving - Dive Tutukaka Poor Knights Islands

Scuba Diving - Dive Tutukaka

Important note: During this period of transition, some operations will begin to resume activity in line with all the necessary Covid 19 health & safety procedures set out by respective authorities. We are working closely with our partners to update the availability of resumed operations at the earliest convenience, but this will be a dynamic situation with a phased, and cautious approach to normal activity. However, there are a number of operators who are ready for travellers, and are eagerly awaiting your support and bookings through Everything Travel Group. If you have any questions about an exisiting booking, or you are looking to discover the best options to travel your own country then please contact us.

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Service rating:

Easy to use website, good coordination with supplier

Product rating:

Large and top professional setup. Efficient and friendly. Staff on the dive boat are competent and very focused on making it a great experience, providing individual coaching and assistance. Poor Knights has great dive sites, and there is lots of underwater life to admire.

Reviewed 28-Feb-2020

Reply from Everything Travel Group

Thank you so much for your feedback. We really appreciate you taking the time to tell us about your great experience. We hope you had a great time in New Zealand! All the best & stay safe!

Posted 29-Mar-2020

Service rating:

Did scuba diving. Price cheaper than in their official website

Product rating:

Beautiful spot. Did scuba for the first time. Staff very helpful and informative

Reviewed 15-Feb-2020

Reply from Everything Travel Group

Thank you so much for your feedback. We really appreciate you taking the time to tell us about your great experience. We hope you had an amazing time diving!

Posted 17-Feb-2020

Service rating:

First, the instructors were nice people who did a great boat orientation and were very personable.

Second, they did zero familiarization with the scuba set components from the BCD to the regulator and backup, to the computer and pressure gauge - none. Also nothing on where to tuck hoses and items. No instructions on how to jetison weights from the weighted harness. No tips on acending and descending (lean back), breathing techniques, arm position, or basic courtesy underwater (if you kick someone - stop kicking). Even for very experienced divers this is a must - it takes 5 minutes tops and adds huge value.

Third, the boat was packed to the limit and my tank was shoved to the furthest corner by the crew - I didn't pick the spot - sitting with one cheek on the far edge of the bench made getting into and out of the bcd w tank - interesting.

Fourth, the entry and exit points are the same (people enter and exit the vessel at exactly the same point - instead of stepping off the stern and climbing ladders on the flanks of the stern platform or just rolling backwards from a zodiac. This causes a traffic jam.

Worse, the ladders extend outward stair style from the stern platform- they aren't verticle. So if you are the first one off the boat and don't see them (as I was) or you can't leap the distance to clear them with full gear on you may end up banging your leg on the damn metal ladder that extends a foot or two out from the stern (I now have a hairline fracture of my right leg because of this). Still did the dive but not fun.

Fifth, everyone went in the water at once instead of going in relays and everyone was in the same tiny little area - no dispersion. I get the logistical and monetary reasons for this (easier to watch more people in a tiny area and cheaper / faster to do everyone at once) but it was the most crowded dive I've ever experienced and I used to lead multi-day dive tours. I spent more time getting kicked in the head by other divers and watching people bump into each other than actually appreciating the Poor Knights.

Sixth, maybe it was just the day, but the dive was a definite MEH - poor visibility, nothing that exciting - scopionfish, one eel, some pretty fish. But mostly very crowded. Maybe I got spoiled diving the GBR and Costa Rica and other spots but was kinda expecting more. Actually - was totally expecting more. That was probably the least interesting dive of my life. Would have saved the cash and the day if I had it to take back.

Product rating:

As noted previously, I was expecting more and disappointed by a number of procedural points - but the staff was very nice.

Reviewed 06-Jan-2020

Reply from Everything Travel Group

Thank you so much for your feedback. I am sorry to hear that your experience with Dive Tutukaka didn't meet your expectations. I have passed on your feedback to the operator. I hope you still enjoyed your time in New Zealand!

Posted 05-Jan-2020

Reply from Customer

Have a nice day.

Posted 06-Jan-2020

Service rating:

Great interaction with all staff members and good communication prior/during the activity. Exceptional service

Product rating:

Amazing crew with knowledgeable and personable instructors. Lovely time all around

Reviewed 29-Dec-2017

Latest Questions about Scuba Diving - Dive Tutukaka (Poor Knights Islands)

What is the proficiency level required for these dives? Do we need to be qualified divers for this? I have experienced scuba once before that too with help of a trainer. Can I join this group?

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I’m looking to complete dives 3&4 of my open water PADI course, I completed dives 1&2 in Bali but didn’t have time to finish it off. I have my signed log book but do need a PIC(?) number. If you could let me know the total cost for this that’d be awesome.

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Hi, I am wondering if you have a Poor Knights Island day trip available on Monday, March 16. My husband would like Discover Scuba (he has tried it a few years back but is not certified), and I will be a non-diver. Is this something you could offer us? Thanks!


Hi Elyse. Yes there is space for you on the 16th March. The Poor Knights Island day trip operates all year and is suitable for divers and non divers that are accompanying a diver.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 24th Feb 15 at 19:20

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