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Skydiving & Raft Combo Queenstown

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Skydiving & Raft Combo

from NZD$509.00

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Skydive & Shotover Raft Combo - save $18

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Skydive & Raft:

  • 9000ft skydive + raft NZD$509.00
  • 12000ft skydive + raft NZD$549.00
  • 15000ft skydive + raft NZD$649.00

Skydive & Heli Raft:

  • 9000ft skydive+heliraft NZD$619.00
  • 12000ft skydive+heliraft NZD$659.00
  • 15000ft skydive+heliraft NZD$759.00

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Service rating:   excellent

The vouchers are easy to use and the operator reply quite fast. They will try to accommodate my requests and give suggestions to ensure I have enough time for another activity.
I bought 4 activities from them for my family.
Look for combo they are much cheaper.

Product rating:   good

Skydiving was fun but we did not enjoy the rafting as it is not up to our standard.

Reviewed 27-Jun-2017

Latest Questions about Skydiving & Raft Combo (Queenstown)

Hi. Are the prices inclusive of pictures and videos or it's charged separately?


You can purchase your photos and/or video for the skydiving and white water rafting in Queenstown on the day. The cost is $45 for rafting photos and $189 for the skydive freefall photos or $239 for both the skydive video and photos.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 17th Jan 17 at 09:07

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Can I use my own Go Pro for the skydive?
I have a number of possible mounts and attachments that I can use. I would like to compile my own video so that I can edit it myself

Your help is much appreciated



Hi Patrick, yes you can take your GoPro on the Shotover Rafting however GoPro's are unfortunately not permitted skydiving. You can however purchase photos and videos of your skydive experience on the day. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 23rd Dec 14 at 18:07

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What altitude do you jump from. Above 14000 feet?


Hi Mark. In Queenstown there are currently 3 different heights you can skydive from, 9000ft, 12000ft and 15000ft. The higher you jump from the longer the freefall before your parachute is deployed.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 30th Nov 14 at 16:23

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hey. i was wondering if it was possible to do the rafting and sky diving on different days for the same price?

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With the Skydive and Rafting package if the skydiving is cancelled and I am not able to reschedule before I leave Queenstown but I am still able to raft what refund will I get?


Hi Krista, with the Skydive and raft combo, if the skydive is cancelled due to bad weather then you will only pay for the price of the activities that you do, in this case the rafting. All you will need to do is email us and we will refund your skydive portion of the combo.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Kris) on 13th Apr 13 at 19:19

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Can you please tell me the companies that run these two activities in Queenstown? Cheers :)


Hi Kylie. The skydive in Queenstown is operated by Nzone who are the only skydive company in Queenstown and the Shotover River rafting is run by Challenge Rafting in conjunction with Queenstown Rafting who are the only 2 rafting companies in Queenstown. Booking this combo will save you $14 off the total cost compared to booking them separately. Given skydiving is a weather dependent activity we do recommend booking it for one of your first days in Queenstown so that if the weather is no good you can reschedule to another day or receive a full refund. You can also choose to do the skydive and rafting on different days.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 1st Nov 12 at 10:25

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i keep trying to book the skydive and raft combo only and it keeps coming up sky dive and heli raft combo?

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If some of us want to do this combo and others want to do the skydive jetboat heli raft combo, could we still do the skydiving and rafting activities together? Or are they run separately?


Hi Tess. Yes you sure can. If you book the Skydive & Raft Combo in Queenstown and some of your friends book the Shotover Freefall Combo (skydive, jet & heli rafting) then we can make sure you are all together for the skydive and rafting. Just be sure to get all your friends to mention in the 'additional information' field when they are booking that they are travelling with you and we will make it happen.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 13th Mar 12 at 13:17

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1. how much if i want to upgrade the package to 15,000 ft


Hi Afiq. The cost to upgrade from the 9000ft skydive in Queenstown to the 12000ft is $60 or $160 if you prefer to go from 15000ft. This upgrade is payable on the day when you check in for your skydive.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 12th Dec 11 at 11:49

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